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Into the Woods with Gruffalo

Where The Brightest Stars Shine

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Welcome to Whee!Canopus

Wheecanopus is a premier school based Student Care Centre (SCC) of choice that strives for excellence in character and education for your child.
Equipped with more than 21 years in the education industry, well-trained teachers and robust curriculum, we host a place where the brightest stars shine…!


To become the Student Care Centre of choice that strives to develop students with good character and a love for learning.


  • To conduct fun, interactive activities where students enjoy learning and build up good character

  • To provide a platform for students to shine and showcase their skills and strengths through experiential and outdoor learning

  • Engage passionate staff who help students to flourish in a safe and loving environment

We constantly groom our staff to embrace the :

  • Care: Display care towards others

  • Awareness: Aware of students’ needs

  • Noble: Think and act based on strong moral values

  • Ownership: Take pride in our work

  • Partnership: Establish a trusting relationship with all partners

  • Unity: Trust in teamwork

  • Spark: Instil fun in our programmes



We seek for meaningful relationships with the school, parents and organisations as we believe that with great work dynamics, we can offer our children with vast experience and opportunities.

Below are some of the tie-ups with organisations:


Singapore Red Cross

  • Food Aid Programme

  • Basic First Aid Demonstration

  • Recycling Bin – SRC Collection Drive

The Wishing Well

  • Gifts for the less privileged

Singapore Management University

  • MERCU Excellence Scholarship

United World College (Dover Campus)

  • Big Buddy Programme

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