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Ready to Register Your Child?

(Note: Student Care Centre only accepts students from the same primary school.)

We look forward to welcoming your child soon!

Click on the respective centres to download the registration form

Centres Contact Details

Documents to submit upon registration:

- A copy of child’s Birth Certificate
- Copies of both parents’ NRIC


Centre will inform parent if registration is successful and parents will be briefed on details of the programme.

Upon successful registration, the centre will conduct an orientation for your child to familiarise him/herself with the SCC environment, staff, facilities and processes.


Withdrawal Policy
1. Withdrawal will only be accepted when the parent/guardian gives a one-month notice and submits the official Withdrawal Form to the Centre Supervisor by the 1st of each month.


If a parent wishes to withdraw his/her child from 1st May onwards, the form must be completed and submitted no later than 1st April. Any submission later that that, the child will be withdrawn on 1st June instead.


2. Withdrawal forms have to be signed by the parents/guardians and acknowledged by the Centre Supervisor. Incomplete forms will not be accepted and processed.

3. All other methods such as via telephone, verbal communication with teacher, email, other forms of writing or prolong absenteeism will not be considered as an official withdrawal.

Refund Policy

1. Registration and material fees are non-refundable.


2. The 1-month deposit will be refunded only under the following circumstances:

a) Withdrawal as stated under terms & conditions, with payment of any outstanding fees; or

b) Completion of all lessons at the end of the month, with payment of any outstanding fees; or

c) Payment of any outstanding fees.

3. All refund will be credited not earlier than the 23rd of the following month after the date of submission of the Withdrawal Form to a POSB/DBS bank account as indicated on the Withdrawal Form.

4. For refunds credited to a non-POSB/DBS bank account, the claimant is to furnish the correct Bank and Branch code before submitting the form to MERCU finance department for processing.


Objectives of SCFA:
• Enables children from lower income working families to access student care services.
• Supports lower income working parents with no alternative care.
• Provides children from at-risk and dysfunctional families with a supportive and caring environment.


Criteria :
Child must be a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident. If child is a Singapore Permanent Resident, a least one immediate family member must be a Singapore Citizen.
• Both parents must be working
• Child is 7-12 years of age
Monthly household income of less than or equal to $4,500, or monthly household income per capita of less than or equal to $1,125

Documents to be submitted for SCFA application:

- Child’s Birth Certificate
- All siblings' Birth Certificates or Identification Cards
- Parents’ Identification Cards
- Parents’ 3 months payslips or CPF contributions


For any reasons that parents are unable to produce the above documents, they are to consult the Centre Supervisor on what needs to be submitted as an alternative.

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