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Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to express themselves. Students are free to voice out their thoughts and opinions on a given topic at these weekly sessions, where the teacher facilitates the discussion.




The world is brought to their doorsteps as students engage in the myriad of activities during the in-house enrichment lessons.

i) A Literary Experience of various forms of children’s literature like novels, fables and rhymes are captivating as they employ the use of

  • drama

  • hands-on activities and

  • games.


Students stretch their imagination, gain a deeper appreciation for literary works and understand vastly about the world beyond the classrooms! Students seamlessly practise and improve on their language skills in a fun atmosphere.

ii) StageIt! The highlight is when the students plan and perform the literary text that they have learnt. It nurtures their confidence, teamwork and creativity. Performances include choral recitation and dramatized story-telling.

iii) Boost Programme is a joyful avenue for the students to pick up new skills. Previous programmes include in-line skating, Lego Robotics Camp, ukulele workshops, dance camps and the Health Promotion Board’s Active Youth Workout.

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