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“Since 2016, I have not regretted my decision. We are really happy with our children’s development and their social well-being in the student care centre. We need to put our mind at ease while at work, and having them in the SCC has really helped us.

The teachers and admin staff are really easy to work with; responsive and has built the trust among parents.

My children even look forward to attend during the holidays. The programmes that the SCC come up with really excite the children and they can learn something from it. I wish Whee!Canopus will always prosper and continue to provide excellent SCC services!"

Mr Khairul Irwan & Mdm Shuhadah
Whee!Canopus Student Care @ Edgefield Primary

Khairi Aidil, P1 & Sofia Adriana P3

“I’m intrigued by the interesting and meaningful activities that MERCU organises for the children. A highly motivated, strong and resilient team:

– Well thought in-house programmes that show their creativity and passion to create a beneficial and meaningful experience

– Has good team spirit

– The teachers exhibit tremendous patience and perseverance to develop and unleash each individual child’s character and value development.

Mdm Lim Jing
Whee!Canopus Student Care @ Edgefield Primary

Lim Meng Le, P2

“Brandon has joined MERCU since Primary 1. There are a few initiatives that I truly appreciate.

– Launching of the mobile app: circulars and updates are easily accessible

– Complimentary Enrichment Programme (Dance Camp) conducted in May

– Teacher Nur has been very prompt in her response via the communication book in the mobile app.

My deepest appreciation to the staff and teachers of Whee!Canopus SCC!”

Mdm Adeline Neo
Whee!Canopus Student Care @ Edgefield Primary

“It is very good that MERCU introduced the “Artists” series during the last June holidays. We were pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the holiday
programme as it provides the children with general knowledge about the great artists. My children enjoyed the holiday programme and as parents, we are very appreciative of the effort put into the programme. Thank you & well done, Whee!Canopus.”


Mdm Norashikin Binte Ramli
Whee!Canopus Student Care @ Edgefield Primary

Huda Izz Ong P4 & Mateen Izz Ong P3

“There is nothing to complain about the teachers. They teach my children well. I am happy with the programmes offered. Thank you.”

Iyang Maryati
Whee!Canopus Student Care @ Junyuan Primary

Calista Farhana Lee Xin Yi

“Jassi has been with the SCC since Primary 1. The teachers are responsible and maintain a positive attitude. They are very interactive with the children. The SCC has a warm and friendly learning environment. Jassi enjoys quite a number of activities, which facilitate growth in certain areas of development like communication.”

Mdm Jane
Whee!Canopus Student Care @ Lakeside Primary School

Jassi Hoon, P4 

“Hi Teacher Syafiqah, thank you for updating me. Thank you for all the fun activities and exciting times. Thank you for being there for my son whenever I couldn’t be. Thank you for reassuring and comforting him when I couldn’t. Thank you for taking care the best you guys could!”

Mdm Khaalishah
Whee!Canopus Student Care @ Northoaks Primary

Muhammad Wafii, P2

“Thank you teachers for the updates. Great to hear that Trevin has improved in his behaviour & hope this remains unchanged. Thank you for your patience & care towards him. You have done a great job!”

Mdm Lisa Goh
Whee!Canopus Student Care @ Northoaks Primary

Trevin Foo,P3


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