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We groom your child to become the best version of themselves and make the world a better place.

Whee!Care is a suite of character education lessons that will nourish your child to be

  • morally responsible

  • empathetic to the needs of others and

  • active contributors to the community.


We adopt the creative platforms such as role-playing, group games, class discussions and crafts to reinforce these values through these activities:




  • Value of the Month:

       A school value is brought into focus each month and lessons are developed around it.

  • Celebrate a Classmate:

       Students who exemplify the monthly value are recognised and acknowledged.

  • Project Goodwill:

       To highlight to the students on their role in the community, we form partnerships with organisations for students to

       embark on projects that will allow them to put their school values to practice.

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